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Secarma is an independent cybersecurity consultancy that utilises ethical hacking methods to test the strength of your organisation’s existing security posture.

Our specialists have the skills and experience needed to identify vulnerabilities within your systems before these undetected issues can be exploited by cybercriminals. We’re here to help you take your organisation to the next level of security maturity.

Penetration Testing

A human-led simulation of a real cyberattack, designed to exploit your system’s previously undetected vulnerabilities and determine the real-world risk to your business.

Security Training

Hands-on courses that teach you about security vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. We teach you how to break systems, then build them in a more resilient way.


We work with you to help you meet security objectives, develop your understanding of your organisation’s security posture, test its defences, and prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Vulnerability Scans

24/7 intelligent scanning that gives you a full overview of your current security posture, allowing you to track remediation, spot vulnerabilities, and identify your areas of risk.

Attack is the best form of Defence


of UK businesses reported a cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months.

£4.5 trillion

- the expected global cost of cybersecurity damage by 2021.
- Cybercrime Magazine 2020 Report


of UK businesses say that cybersecurity is a high priority for their senior management.

Work with our experts to test the strength of your cybersecurity posture
and prepare your organisation for real world attacks.

Why Secarma?

Drawing on almost 20 years in business, and with a strong reputation to match, Secarma is the best choice for your cybersecurity needs. We’re a tech company that embraces new tech; we’re continuously investing in research, training, and technical development to ensure we provide our customers with the best service.

Our consultative approach is how we stand out from the competition; we put you in touch with one of our experienced testers from the get-go, meaning you’ll have an expert by your side throughout the process. Secarma’s consultants are all highly accredited, passionate, and proficient not just at hacking into your systems, but also communicating to senior management and security teams how they achieved this. By working with us, you can give your security team a better idea of what to expect, and prepare your business for real-world attacks.

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