Our experts at Secarma offer multiple consultancy services that can help you understand your organisation’s security posture, test your defences, prepare for worst-case scenarios, and help you meet security objectives. Secarma’s skilled consultants work with you to build your organisation’s resilience to real world attacks, and can even manage your security overall if that’s what you need.

With us, you can expect strong communication with your company’s administrators, security team, and board members as standard. We’re here to keep you in control, inform, advise, and take the weight off.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Secarma’s varied consultancy services can benefit a range of companies that are looking to improve, understand, or manage their security.

You may have a large business with a dedicated security team, but you want to test their defence strategy; if your organisation is medium sized with some cybersecurity procedures in place, but has a need for independent security management; or if your company is on the smaller side, and you’re looking to understand your current security posture.

No-matter the size of your organisation, or your security needs, our experts are here to help. Our trusted advisers are here to install a thorough understanding of the risks you face, what they look like, plus how to protect against and overcome them.

How can we help?

How can we help?

Forward-thinking organisations know that security is the foundation of business success; but what happens when you’re unsure how to improve on your current security status, or just don’t know where to begin? That’s when you need an expert by your side, and our consultants are here to fill that role.

We help by offering bespoke support to suit your business’s needs. Our specialists provide an independent view of your organisation’s security, consulting with you on what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve. Working with us means that you’ll have the knowledge and expertise of accredited ethical hackers who can assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses and communicate them to you clearly.

What we test

What we test

Every organisation is different, so don’t expect a “one size fits all” approach from us. You may need support in all areas of security, perhaps you’ve got most things covered and only require help in one specific area, or maybe a bespoke package is the best fit for your business. Our list of services are designed to meet your security needs and help you protect your organisation.

Our services include:

Virtual Information Security Manager – a dedicated expert, embedded within your organisation to provide an independent view of your security posture, manage large-scale projects, and communicate their findings with senior management.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment – a detailed evaluation of your organisation’s current security status.

Incident Response Scenario Testing – also known as Wargaming, this service is designed to test the effectiveness of your established incident response and business continuity plan.

Cloud Configuration Security Review – this service tests the configuration of your chosen cloud provider’s management interfaces for security misconfigurations.

Firewall Configuration Security Review – this review provides system administrators with a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s firewall configuration.

Build Configuration Security Review –  the in-depth assessment of server builds, end user device builds, or system deployment tools for vulnerabilities, ensuring servers and end user devices are as secure as possible.


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