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wizard spider HSE ireland hackers hospitals

Wizard Spider have claimed responsibility for the ransomware attack on Ireland’s health service

Another day, another critical service attacked with ransomware. When we say no organisation is off-limits, we really mean it. Hacking group Wizard Spider have come forward to claim that the ransomware attack on Irelands Health Service Executive was their doing. The group have stated that neither terrorism or espionage are their main motivations, they just want money – 20 million euros to be exact.

Wizard Spider’s whole MO seems to be targeting state bodies and healthcare facilities with ransomware. They’ve made millions via their attacks on the FBI, the UK’s NCA, Interpol, Europol, and now it’s The Republic of Ireland’s turn. While they’re not against targeting a few corporations here and there, hacking into state bodies and vital services such as hospitals and healthcare facilities can often be like shooting fish in a barrel for a skilled team of threat actors – and it looks like they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Read more here.

eufy privacy technology webcam

A glitch in Eufy’s servers allowed people to spy into other users’ homes

Nosy neighbours everywhere rejoiced as a Eufy server glitch allowed them to finally become a fly on the wall within countless smart-homes. Basically, a number of Eufy home security camera owners realised they could access not only smart-camera feeds, but also saved videos from users they had never actually met. Eufy owners took to Reddit to share stories and concerns that not only were they able to access other people’s cameras, but other users may be snooping on them right back.

Although the cause of the glitch remains unknown, Eufy seem to have fixed the problem. The tech company had this to say: “The issue was due to a bug in one of our servers. This was quickly resolved by our engineering team and our customer service team will continue to assist those affected.” Read more here.

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