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Eight Royal Mail smishing scammers have been arrested

If you’re a person with a phone, you’ve probably been getting some strange texts over the past few months. Phishing scams have been on the rise for years, but the pandemic saw numbers reach all-time highs, and what’s worse is that they’ve been getting more sophisticated over time too. One that may have almost got you – especially if you’ve been waiting for something important in the post – is a text message claiming to be from Royal Mail, explaining that there have been issues delivering your parcel, and you’ll need to follow a link to rearrange delivery. Where will that link take you? To a dodgy website of course, because it’s a phishing scam. Eight men have been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. Read more here.

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Will social media platforms be banned from banning people?

The practice of de-platforming has been up for debate in recent years, as calls for controversial figures to have their social media accounts deleted have reached peak levels. While there is an argument against de-platforming saying private businesses deciding who can or cannot voice their opinion online is a step too far, it can often be crucial when silencing people who harm the public via hate speech or misinformation.

A Florida governor has placed himself firmly against de-platforming politicians recently, by signing the first bill of its kind which will effectively fine tech companies if they delete accounts belonging to politicians, no-matter what they say. Read more here.


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