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Cryptojacking: What You Need to Know

Are cyber criminals hijacking your website and using it to mine for cryptocurrency? Welcome to t...

Cybersecurity Doesn’t Come from a Box with Flashing Lights

Technology solutions are everywhere. Want something to eat but don’t want to move from the sofa, j...


3 Security Challenges for Data-Led Companies

Modern industry has never been more reliant on technology to optimise processes and inform strategic...

Cybersecurity questions

5 Cybersecurity Questions You Must Ask Yourself

What keeps you awake at night as a security professional? We believe that these five cybersecurity q...


Do You Believe in Cybersecurity?

Time and again we see that a company “doing everything to safeguard their digital assets” means ...


Data: The New Pollution?

Computers naturally produce data. Also, computers are everywhere - what we still call ‘a car’ is...


Your Business May Be All IoT, but is it Secure?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has amazing potential for your business. It's all about collecting, sha...

IoT Security

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Checklist

While there are some cybersecurity risks with the Internet of Things, there's still more good than b...


What’s the Difference Between a Vulnerability Scan and a Pentest?

When tasked with securing an application there is a choice between an automated vulnerability scan a...

How to Reduce the Cost of Developing Your Software

We work with our clients to improve the security of their software, but what happens when our tester...


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is commonly defined as "software designed to extort money from a victim." It is from the...

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