When we heard that BSides Glasgow was ending without a CTF, or an arranged after party, we asked if we could run one. We are delighted to announce that the organisers welcomed the idea, so this is the official BSides Glasgow after-party.

We have prepared a CTF based on scenarios we discovered and exploited in live penetration testing engagements over the last 6 months. This is a web application/Infrastructure based challenge.

There will be:

  • Prizes for everyone who completes the CTF;
  • Swag for all participants; and
  • Free pizza and water to sustain you.

The venue will also have a cash bar if you think best a little inebriated.

Who can come?

Anyone. Previous CTF experience is not required and it will be a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. From student to Jedi master this is only a bit of fun. The biggest step you can take is to try.

We are setting up for teams of 1-3 participants. But each of you need to get your own individual ticket.

How to get Tickets

While tickets are FREE you will need to have one to get in. There are two ways to get a ticket.

To have a ticket in your hands this week, co-ordinate with your team mates and do this:

  1. Follow SecarmaLabs on Twitter.
  2. A tweet will go out on Friday 13th of April at 09:45 am which will tell you the URL where you can buy tickets.
  3. Ticket sales go live at 10:00am

We have also held some tickets back for distribution from our stand at BSides. If you are unlucky online you can come and ask for a ticket.

What to Bring

  • Take your own laptop (with enough battery  to last 3 hours – venue says they have power points but best be prepared)


So you can plan your logistics here is the timeline of the event:

18.00: Doors open
18.00-18.45: Pizza and mingling
19.00: Competition kicks off
21.45: Closing and awards
22.00: Home time

Taking you from the immediate end of BSides Glasgow until 10pm.

See you there!


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