Technology solutions are everywhere. Want something to eat but don’t want to move from the sofa, just use an app, want to share that holiday snap with all your friends, no problem there’s social media, don’t know how to do something around the house, there’s an online video tutorial for that.

The world of business is no different, online collaboration, accountancy software, cloud based project management tools. Technology continues to make our working lives more efficient and more productive.

But have we quickly become over reliant on technology? Is there a growing belief that there is a tech solution to everything? When it comes to cybersecurity this may well be the case.

Tech solutions for tech problems?

Cybersecurity is an IT issue right? It’s all about computers after all. So, to be secure you surely need a tech solution. A big box in the corner of your office with lots of blinking lights. Just hook it up and watch as those lights keep you safe from the security nasties out there, or so the marketing material says.

The problem is that cybersecurity isn’t just a tech issue.

Your company could have the biggest, best and most expensive technology in the world but if an employee opens a malicious phishing email the hackers are in, if a person plugs in an infected USB they’re in, if you are using a weak password, they’re in.

Technology can obviously help, but it isn’t the whole picture. People are often the weakest link in your security efforts and it’s therefore essential that companies don’t see it solely as a tech issue. It’s a combination of tech, people and processes. It’s about creating a security culture within your organisation.

The benefits of a security culture

Culture starts from the top of the organisation and works its way down. It is therefore essential that board members are not only aware of the threats but also instil a security mindset throughout the company.

By doing this, security quickly becomes a priority, and responsibility is given to every single employee, no matter their level. This sort of culture ensures that technology is tested on a regular basis and patches installed to schedule, all your people are trained on the latest security threats and company security processes are reviewed annually at the very least. Security becomes a key focus and lies at the heart of everything you do.

It’s true that no business can ever be 100% secure but, by working towards this goal, you improve your security posture and deter all but the most persistent attackers.

Improving your security with Secarma

Improving cybersecurity is an ongoing process and as technology develops so will the threat from attackers. Creating a security culture within your organisation is one of the most effective ways to prevent a cyber-attack and no matter what your situation, or experience, there is always something you can be doing to improve.

Find out how Secarma can help take your security to the next level by visiting our website, alternatively why not visit our blog and get the latest news and advice from our cybersecurity experts.


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