As UK data protection laws evolve away from the requirement to employ Data Protection officers, Secarma offers a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Our information security and privacy professionals are available to you, providing a range of services including audits, assessments, compliance activities, and unique engagements incorporating data protection considerations into any of our other service offerings. Whether you’re a public authority, a concerned business owner or an organisation that handles high-risk data, we can help you meet data protection obligations to your regulators, partners, clients, and customers.

Who is it for?

Your own Privacy and Security officer

As your security and data protection needs evolve and strain your senior staff, outsourcing proves more cost-effective than hiring dedicated personnel. You can now enjoy the benefits of both by embedding one of our professionals within your organization. During an agreed period, a consultant will help you manage your privacy and security program, conduct audits and assessments, draft policies and offer guidance on sensitive data processing, transfers, and subject access requests.

How can we help?

Data Protection Training

Is your designated officer or senior responsible individual (SRI) for data protection ready to take on their new role? Is there a concern that they, or the person they have delegated the responsibility to, lack the necessary know-how?

Sit down with one of our privacy professionals to receive one-to-one or group training tailored to your individual needs. Training with Secarma allows access to our range of expertise in security and data management to better prepare you or your employees for processing data in accordance with best practice and legal requirements.

What we test

Our Services

Our privacy professionals can perform a range of tasks, assessments and audits for you:

  • Privacy Management Maturity Assessment
  • GAP analysis for GDPR, or other privacy standards
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Data transfer, privacy risk and legitimate interest assessments
  • Data mapping

Work with us to create or compliment your privacy management program and ensure peace of mind that your organisation is up to date and working in line with best practices.

Talk to us today to hear about how we can help!

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Privacy and Data Protection Services

As UK data protection laws evolve away from the requirement to employ Data Protection officers, Seca...