We offer a variety of partnership services tailored to your specific needs; our consultative approach means we work collaboratively to expand your potential reach. With a team of seasoned professionals providing expert guidance and assurance, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to protect your data, meet industry standards, or fortify your cybersecurity strategy, our security professionals are here to support you every step of the way. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your information security goals


Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Organisations looking to offer information security consultancy, auditing and assurance services to their customer base

Organisations who support customers that require CREST & CHECK approved Penetration Testing services

Organisations looking to provide assurance to customers that provided services are secure and appropriately tested by a qualified security testing specialist

Organisations looking to build security testing and assurance offerings as a component of their offerings

Organisations looking to work with an experienced consultancy with experience in supporting major information security frameworks and compliance standards such as Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, PCI DSS, NIST and many more!

Organisations who are looking to improve their own information security and want to work consultatively with a partner rather than supplier to achieve this

How can we help?

How can we help?

Access to experienced Penetration Testers and Information Security Consultants
Often technology partners look at adding security assurance and consulting services into their portfolio but are put off by the significant investment required for accreditations, certifications and training costs that best practices and procurement guidelines recommend.

We remove this barrier to entry for partners by offering mature CREST approved methodologies, processes and procedures ready to sell from day one of partnership.

No barriers to entry or unrealistic expectations
We understand the need for non-complex sales processes and customer expectations
for skilled subject matter experts. We remove any barriers to entry for sales to ensure you
have access to expert support from day one.

Dedicated Technical Account Manager
Most organisations tend to avoid exploring security conversations due to a lack
of internal subject matter experts and experience. We will provide you with your
own dedicated Account Manager, offering you access to an industry experienced sales
professional and team of technical security experts at no cost to your organisation.

Agile scoping and service delivery processes
Partnerships fail where processes and scoping of customer requirements is too
complicated. Secarma’s scoping and delivery processes have been designed to remove
the need for lengthy scoping processes and long report lead times. Helping improve
our customers get access to the specialist support they need in an efficient manner.

Provide services for a fair price, on time and within budget
Navigating budget and resource capacity constraints is always a challenge and
accessing experienced information security resource can be expensive. Our offerings are
designed to ensure that we can cater for any customer budget – demonstrating value and
providing pragmatic solutions to business challenges.

Help secure your business
Do you know what your current information security baseline looks like? If not talk to us –
we are a friendly bunch and would be happy to help.

What we test

What we test

Referral Partnerships – The simplest route to market- you identify an opportunity for one of Secarma’s services, introduce Secarma and we manage the rest.

Your Account Manager will work as an extension of your team to collaborate with
you and your customer to understand their requirements, propose a solution and help to
provide your customer with assurance that their needs and requirements are clearly

With this approach you can choose to be as direct or as hands off as you wish allowing
your sales team to specialise in focusing their time and efforts on core deliverables whilst
exploring an additional revenue stream.

Strategic Partnership – A more collaborative approach- this route to market allows you
to re-sell Secarma’s offerings directly to customers. To retain the management of a
customer directly, or position Secarma as an independent agnostic security specialist and
trusted partner of your organisation.

With this partnership model- your Account Manager will collaborate with you to design
and develop collaborative marketing materials, agreed prospecting and marketing
campaigns and work as an extension of your in-house sales team. To provide tailored
training, qualification and discovery services for any customer requirements.

If you are looking to build security consulting or security assurance services into complex
project deliverables or programs of work. Then this is the version of the partnership for you.



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