Just 27% of businesses in the UK reported that staff had attended internal or external security awareness training in the last 12 months, and more often than not, what is being taught is either incomplete or no longer relevant.

This talk, which our Managing Director Holly Grace Williams presented at InfoSec Europe, discussing the miseducation of certain aspects of cybersecurity. This includes an overview of the following:

  • Physical security – literally entering your organisation’s place of work and directly accessing the network. It’s easier to pull off than you think, and your staff need to be aware of this.
  • Social engineering scams – this includes email phishing, spear phishing, smishing, angler phishing, whaling, waterholing, and more.
  • Malicious websites and links
  • Passwords – the importance of strong passwords, and why reusing passwords is a huge no-no.
  • Why trying to oversimplify security is a part of the problem.

Our Cybersecurity Podcast

Check out the Hacked Off podcast, where Holly shares her thoughts on security awareness training – why it’s essential, what it’s lacking, how it can be improved.

Presentation Slides

For those who missed Holly’s talk or simply want to refresh their memory, here are the key points from the presentation slides:

security awareness training

secuurity awareness training

Security awareness training isn’t the only part of the cybersecurity puzzle, but it is an essential one. To find out more about security awareness, head to our training page, or contact our experts today.


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