Welcome to Tuesday’s news overview – this is the place where we keep you up to date on the latest technology updates, cybersecurity news, and more. Here’s what’s going on in the tech world today:

hackers NSW Transport data data breach

Hackers are auctioning off data that they stole from the New South Wales government.

If you ever wanted to know the secret workings of NSW’s transport department, now’s the time to reach for your virtual wallet. Hacking group Clop is currently claiming to have access to data stolen from Transport for NSW, including a demand for documents relating to a Country Regional Network project from 2019, confidential steering committee documents, and correspondence by a disgraced former MP.

Snippets of this juicy info have been published online to promote either a ransom or a sale to the highest bidder. If TfNSW doesn’t pay up quickly, someone else just might. The hacking group has stated that this data could be sold on to other cyber-criminals, who could use it in a number of nefarious ways. Failing that, the data will be released online – causing serious reputational damage to the organisation. Read more here.

Gab hacked hackers ransom

Gab has been hacked and hit with a $500,000 ransom demand

Alternative social media network Gab – a favourite among right0wing users – has been breached. A large trove of data, including private messages and passwords, has been stolen by hackers, who want $500,000 in bitcoin for its safe return. If their ransom is not met, the data will be released to journalists and the wider instead.

The hacked data has been dubbed GabLeaks and was shared by DDoSecrets – a transparency group. The trove includes both public and private posts, hashed  and plaintext passwords for users and groups, user profiles, passwords, DMs, and a whole lot more.

Gab CEO, Andrew Torba, had this to say: “The individuals holding us to ransom are extortionists. We do not pay ransom. We do not negotiate with extortionists. Period.”

Will Gab give into demand to get it’s precious data back, or will a data leak by DDoSecrets on its way? Read more here.

COVID-19 social media twitter fake news

Twitter has started labelling misleading tweets about COVID-19 vaccines

In a continuing effort to combat fake news on the platform, Twitter has begun labelling disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. Since introducing its COVID-19 guidance policy in December, Twitter has removed over 8,400 tweets and challenged 11.5 million accounts worldwide.

The social media giant is also introducing a strike system; 2-3 strikes will earn you a 12 hour account lock, 4 strikes results in a week-long account lock, and if you’re given five strikes, you’ll be booted off the app. If your tweet is labelled as misleading you’ll be given one strike, if it’s misleading enough to be deleted, that counts as two strikes.

Will this be enough to keep the antivaxxers and Bill Gates conspiracy theories at bay? Only time will tell. Read more here.

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