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data breach cyber attack FSI

The European Banking Authority’s email servers have been compromised

The EBA has confirmed that it’s one of the 30,000 organisations that have been affected by the Microsoft Exchange cyber-attack. Hackers likely targeted Microsoft Exchange because its servers are widely used for email by governing bodies and major organisations. Many more businesses will have been compromised, the EBA is just one of the first to admit it. As a result of this attack on the EBA’s servers, it’s likely that cyber-criminals had access to personal data via the EBA’s servers, although the organisation pulled its entire system offline in order to assess the actual damage.

The criminals who carried out the attack managed to infiltrate Microsoft’s Exchange email system by exploiting a vulnerability, but they also used stolen passwords to gain access too. Once inside, they could take control of the email server remotely and steal sensitive data from within the network. Officials warned that this attack remained a serious threat, and encouraged organisations to patch the vulnerability ASAP.

In an official statement, the governing body said: “The EBA is working to identify what, if any, data was accessed.” Read more here.

drones drone delivery

The Isle of Wight’s drone supply trials are reinstated

Almost a year ago, a a drone managed to successfully transport PPE from Hampshire to the Isle of Wight. The idea of using drones to transport medical supplies to difficult-to-reach locations was at a bit of a standstill pre-COVID-19, but the pandemic accelerated development when the demand for PPE increased exponentially and the NHS needed to get creative with it’s distribution strategy.

The Department for Transport is providing funding for this £8 million project, but things look promising, seeing as drone used was able to make the journey in around ten minutes. Read more here.

AI artificial intelligence instagram

Instagram photos are helping Facebook’s AI to ‘teach itself’

Usually, algorithms are trained using datasets that have already been categorised by humans, when pictures are introduced, things tend to get a lot more tricky. Facebook is working to solve this issue, and its using over one billion Instagram photos to do it. The goal is to train this new algorithm – dubbed Seer – to learn to recognise images by itself.

Facebook’s team presented Seer with Instagram photos with no labelling or categorisation, and eventually, the algorithm was able to correctly identify the images with 84.5% accuracy – pretty impressive. Read more here.

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