Over the past month or so, the Secarma team have been very busy with cybersecurity events. From the National Cyber Security Show and UnLocked: Birmingham at the start of September, to the International Cyber Expo and UnLocked: London Olympia towards the end of September. This was then closely followed by a trip to the Digital Transformation Expo just last week! 

Here’s an overview of our recent experiences in London:

London is always bustling and, as a hub for innovation and business, it’s the perfect place for networking with industry professionals and prospective clients. As it’s such a lucrative and well-connected area, exhibiting in the country’s capital was a no brainer for us. We established a presence across two different key areas of the city: Kensington Olympia, and the Royal Victoria Dock (close to Canary Wharf).

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International Cyber Expo

We had an extremely successful visit to our first London-based cybersecurity event of the year. Based in the heart of the global cybersecurity market, the International Cyber Expo was bursting with opportunities for learning, networking, and doing business.

Secarma’s Managing Director: Holly Grace Williams, delivered an insightful talk at the Global Cyber Summit, within the convention. Her talk title? “Your Security Testing Sucks” about typical Penetration Testing engagements, how they work and how – quite often – they suck. This no-nonsense approach to public speaking is something that Holly is known for, and she successfully drew a large crowd to her presentation. Her theatre was packed with business decision makers and IT experts who were looking to absorb a bit of offensive security wisdom during her 30 minute talk.

UnLocked: London Olympia

After the first day of the International Cyber Expo, we hosted UnLocked: London  at the nearby Hilton, Olympia. With a wide range of cybersecurity talks, endless networking and a packed-out event space, our 2nd UnLocked event of the year was a huge success.

Our experts were excited to connect with new and old acquaintances and offer others the chance to do the same, helping to grow the security community. It was pleasing to hear so much positive feedback from the attendees, who told our representatives on the night that they really enjoyed the evening, and have been looking forward to cybersecurity events like this for a while.

Our very own Holly Grace Williams was joined by Evan Jones from Complete Cyber, Thomas MacKenzie from RankedRight and David Barr from Secure Impact. All experts in the field of security architecture, vulnerability detection and management, and digital forensics respectively. Their thought-provoking talks prompted interesting Q&A sessions from our fully engaged audience and it was great to see vital info being exchanged across the room.

Thank you to everyone who came to UnLocked: London Olympia, as well as our brilliant speakers, and the attentive staff at the Hilton, who helped ensure our event ran smoothly.

DTX digital transformation expo UPX cybersecurity infosec

Digital Transformation Expo

Shortly after ICE, we travelled to the other side of London to exhibit at the Digital Transformation Expo – located at the ExCeL conference centre. Bringing together not just cybersecurity vendors, but also businesses and speakers from many different sectors of the tech industry; DTX was a good opportunity for Secarma to connect with professionals both inside and outside of our own field.

Why exhibit in London twice in less than two weeks? Our team was looking to re-establish our presence in the capital as industry experts and leaders in the offensive security field. On top of that, both ICE and DTX are very different conventions: ICE was part of the overall International Security Show, which brought together not just cybersecurity vendors, but also other aspects of security across government, academic, and end user industries. By exhibiting there, we were able to network with organisations that provide everything from CCTV cameras, to guard dogs, and safety equipment, so it was a very mixed bag. DTX, however is a more product-led conference, so while we were mostly promoting our penetration testing and consultancy services at ICE, we saw DTX as the perfect place to launch a new product that we’ve been working on for quite some time, and more updates on that will be coming soon! Get in touch with a member of our team for a sneak peak.

Our trip to London was a highly rewarding experience and we’re looking forward to attending similar events in the future. On our events page you’ll find our plans for the remainder of the year, including the Great British Business Show and UnLocked: London ExCeL in November.


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